Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing Pink Lemonade Salon over all the other wonderful salons in our area. Your support and patronage means the world to us!

We are dedicated in providing a comfortable, unique, and refreshing environment. We care not only about how you look, but how you feel. Everyday. Always.

Unlike other salon and spas we practice the highest form of team service. This means we do not lock you into one technician. Each has an area of expertise, in combination, we offer you the best of everything. However each team member is skill certified so you can have the confidence that you are in talented hands. Our team no longer receives commission for the services they preform or the retail that is sold. Why? At Pink Lemonade our system is designed to take the competitive nature away from the team members and focus on developing each others skills and on the guest experience.

Thank you again for choosing us! We strive to be your favorite salon! The best compliment you could give us is to refer a friend or family member as great as you. In return we offer $10 off any service or product sale for every guest referred.

Thank you,

Jamie Kolatzki & the entire family at Pink Lemonade Salon

Cupping, what is it?

Cupping is a 3000 year old healing modality, fine tuned by different cultures and practitioners all over the world. Widely used in Chinese medicinal therapy, now being adapted for use by massage and physical therapists. It is non-invasive and uses reverse pressure and glass or silicone cups to help a multitude of different ailments and aids in massage for those who need, but normally would not be able to receive deeper pressure massage.


●  Relaxation

● Promotes healing from injury

●  Promotes healthy skin

●  Aids in digestion issues

●  Helps relieve respiratory symptoms

●  Aids lymph and immune systems

●  Calming on nervous system

●  Helps circulatory issues

Ailments benefited by Cupping

●  Cold & congestion

●  Headaches & migraines

●  Digestion issues

●  Muscle pain & weakness

●  Blood pressure problems (high or low)

●  Nerve pain

●  Symptoms from fibromyalgia and MS

●  Lymph drainage

●  Reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite

Cupping targets those deep tissues by creating suction that lifts the skin over the muscle which allows the blood vessels and capillaries to expand, this gives the target area a fresh infusion of blood and oxygen that works to heal. The practice is very safe, though it will leave marks on your body in small and large circles that look similar to bruises, the shade dark or light depends on the person, condition, and skin tone.  Because of the marks it leaves, it’s not for everyone.  Timing may be key for you if you don’t want to have any marks visible on your body.

The Cupping treatments are available in 30, 60 & 90 minute treatments. Book Here



Cherry Almond is Back

After a long hiatus, Aveda’s Cherry Almond line is back!

When it was invented, the then called Cherry Almond Bark was a pioneering Aveda line—softening and moisturizing for hair with an infusing fruity aroma. The scent has been missed ever since it was retired.

The version re-released this summer praises even better softening powers than the original.
It’s 98% naturally-derived #crultyfree ingredients like babassau, organic coconut oil, shea butter and other amazing plant-based ingredients are free from:
Synthetic fragrance
synthetic color
Mineral oil
Animal byproducts

SOFTENING SHAMPOO & NOURISHING CONDITIONER                                                                                                   Cherry Almond Shampoo is a daily shampoo that not only cleanses the hair but also softens and adds shine. It’s safe for color-treated hair, ideal for those with normal-to-dry hair, and especially recommended for guests with long hair, they will enjoy the lightweight nourishment it provides.

Cherry Almond Conditioner provides the same deep moisturizing and nourishment as other Aveda conditioners, but without silicone. A blend of coconut oil and shea butter help penetrate and detangle the hair, giving it unbelievable touchable soft hair.

Ready to experience touchable soft, shiny and full of weightless bounce with a heavenly cherry blossom scent?
Stop by Pink Lemonade Downtown Menomonee Falls, or purchase online.

Space Buns a.k.a. Festival Hair


Space Buns…love them or hate them, we’re obsessing over them!!

Is this style more than a Gwen Stefani 90’s revival??  Looking back (way back) Carrie Fisher made them iconic in the 70’s in Lucas’ sci-fi thriller Star Wars.

We’ve been seeing this look running errands, hanging with friends, and at work.  While Space Buns may be receiving mixed reviews….

They are this summer’s MUST especially if you are going to any music festivals!


Pink Lemonade is a salon set apart from most others.  The reason you ask as to what makes us so special…  Our core teamwork.  When you enter through our door, you will immediately feel a sense of warmth, respect, and genuine appreciation that we all feel towards our clients, as well as towards each other as staff.  You will feel the love of our technicians as they are chatting and laughing with their clients, along with other technicians and their clients.  You will often find us technicians jumping up and eager to help another coworker in need.  You will receive excellent and kind recommendations for other technicians when your schedule clashes with your normal gal.  Most importantly you will receive a warm smile and cheerful greeting from your regular technician, even if you need to sneak in with someone else in a pinch!  Each and every technician will always make their absolute best efforts to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and pampered during your experiences with us.  We pride ourselves in having an amazing, positive, and pampering atmosphere, and strive to be to the best salon you will ever visit!


All of that being said, we can be the best, happiest salon in the whole world, but without the regular and continued support of all of our amazing clients, we would not succeed.  So we would like to extend a warm and gracious thank you to all of our clients for your continuous loyalty!  We hope to always exceed your standards and expectations!


Each and every time you come in to the salon for a service, you are not only supporting a technician, but an entire family.  Because of you, all of these “littles” are able to do all the things they love!

So thank you from all of our Pink Lemonade families to yours!

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Just like a hairstyle needs to be revamped every once in a while to stay with the trends, so does a website.

Pink Lemonade Salon is pleased to announce our new website – with more features for easier booking, gifting, and browsing!

Take a look around.